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Our service has helped many people improve their quality of life by supporting them with overcoming their anxiety and depression. Simply tap or click on the boxes below to read a small sample of feedback from clients who have completed therapy.

I referred myself to Lambeth Talking Therapies on the advice of my GP after having Covid 19. My first sessions started with guided self-help and then I had high intensity CBT, both helped me greatly. The remote sessions over Microsoft Teams made it easier because, as a man, it took me a lot of courage to seek help and engage in therapy. Face to face sessions would have been difficult to attend and I would have also found it difficult to open-up.
As a man who worked really hard for my family, I didn’t want to be seen as weak, but my psychological problems were exacerbating my physical symptoms. The therapists explained to me about coping strategies including mindfulness and breathing techniques to bring myself out of a vicious cycle of anxiety attacks. I was given information about chronic pain and chronic fatigue management and pacing.
Although I’m having good days and bad days now, I’m slowly recovering and would highly recommend Lambeth Talking Therapies

Fahim, 36 year old male, Asian British

The staff at Lambeth Talking Therapies go above and beyond to help you recognise detrimental safety behaviours you may be engaging in and learn coping mechanisms. Every time I’ve reached out they have been there without judgement or pre-conceived opinions. In the most difficult times in my life they have lifted me up and given me the tools to be able to manage and control the anxiety that has crippled me for the last four plus years. I will be forever grateful to my therapist and Lambeth Talking Therapies for giving me back my life.

MP, 48 year old female, Black British

For the past 5 years I have been suffering from severe anxiety, stress and depression. I never spoke to anyone, how do you open up and reveal yourself when you’re feeling vulnerable? When asked “how are you?”, how often do you tell the truth? With the support of my partner and colleagues, I was able to find the courage to refer myself to talk to someone. Over the past 8 weeks, I’ve had great support from my therapist, who encouraged/motivated me and given me all the tools to continue with my journey ahead.

Nazmul, 25 year old male, Asian British

I have done several courses of CBT outside of Lambeth and not found them useful, so I was sceptical at first. However, my view has completely changed and I am a complete advocate of this therapy. It enabled me to tackle the behaviours that have been manifesting throughout my life. It made me study the way I’ve been behaving and, for the first time, I feel really equipped to challenge the compulsions and thoughts that have become engrained for so long. I now have the tools and techniques to challenge my behaviour and understand how it effects the way I think. I’ve finished the course of therapy and am feeling so much better.

Harriet, 31 year old female, White British

For years I’ve felt embarrassed and ashamed by my issues and kept them to myself. They would have a massive effect on my day to day living and quality of life. Since having my talking therapy sessions I’ve seen a massive change in my mood and outlook on life. My therapist has a very caring and calming voice which had the effect of me being able to open up and talk honestly and openly about my issues. With their help I was able to face up to my anxiety and tackle it head on. I’m now able to keep the majority of plans that I’ve made with friends and family because I’m feeling a lot better. I would highly recommend talking therapy treatment.

Colin, 44 year old male, White British


I am still going strong in conquering my phobia and going out on my own. I never thought that I could ever get over the feelings of fear I used to experience before I went out of the house but now find myself ignoring the voice in my head convincing me that something awful is going to happen, and go out on my own and enjoy it. Your coaching succeeded in making me gain confidence and gave me a determination to reach my goal. I am eternally grateful to you for changing my life as it’s something that I never thought I would ever get over.

Emily, 75 year old female, White European

Female therapist smiling